Vibe Concepts Announces Internship Program Opportunities

​The managers of Vibe Concepts announced that they are recruiting college students and grads for their Young Entrepreneurship Program. In addition, the firm’s team will be growing to accommodate new business.

“The business is expanding and we are hiring new faces to join the team,” said Andrew, Vibe Concepts’ Director of Operations. “If you’re ready to learn new skills and build your résumé, this is the position for you.” 

As Andrew noted, Vice Concepts’ internship program, also known as the Young Entrepreneurship Program, is a solid stepping stone for college students and recent grads who need real-world experience to augment their classroom-acquired knowledge. “We don’t have a typical internship program,” he stated. “Our interns are digging in deep with hands-on experience in all aspects of our business. They’re learning sales strategies, leadership skills, and how to run an effective on-site campaign.”

"The business is expanding and we are hiring new faces to join the team."

Andrew, Director of Operations

In addition to the skills they learn, Andrew noted the program’s participants will also have some accomplishments they can add to their résumés. “Since they work on campaigns, they will be able to take credit for their success,” he stated. “They can point to their achievements when they interview for their first post-collegiate jobs.”

Andrew also stated that there are several openings for new team members as well. “Our entry-level program is second to none,” he said. “We’re not just hiring people for a job. We’re hiring them for a lasting career.”

Vibe Concepts’ DOO Discusses Goals and Success

As Andrew shared, accomplishments are reflections of working toward goal establishment. “Goals are what keep us in line,” he said. “Without them, we’d never know exactly what we were working toward.”

“The more effective goals are those that are specific,” he stated. “In particular, they should be measurable. When we place metrics next to goals, it allows us to know precisely what we need to achieve. We take it even further and break them up into smaller milestones. This way, we can adjust our techniques to achieve the outcomes we desire.”

“Essentially, by establishing key objectives for our associates to attain, we’re continually challenging them to be productive, innovative, and performance-driven,” Andrew stated. “Our emphasis on excellence is why we’re considered a reliable marketing outsource firm for businesses across the U.S.”

Andrew concluded, “We look forward to ensuring more young professionals attain the skills and drive necessary to succeed in any commerce setting. We invite ambitious individuals to apply online today and learn more about how to join our team.”

About Vibe Concepts:

Vibe Concepts is a comprehensive promotional services provider with a commitment to empowering all represented brands to fully saturate new markets. The firm’s talented and experienced branding specialists utilize futuristic outreach channels in conjunction with in-depth research and analysis to design and deliver event-based campaigns that generate immediate results. These outcomes include heightened visibility, increased referrals, greater loyalty, and impressive profitability. The company’s history and reputation for excellence has led to a diverse portfolio, which contains brands of all sizes. To learn more about the dynamic team and how it helps businesses grow, visit